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  • Integrates Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), battery charge management, state of charge information.
  • Continuous output Power Rating without de-rating at up to 50 ambient temperature.
  • Built-in Battery Energy Monitor tracks power production and consumption to calculate the energy remaining in battery state of charge (SOC) is displayed in percent full, Amp-hours, Watt-hours, and 90 days of energy-harvest history is stored in the solar charger.
  • Supports Flooded Lead Acid (FLA), GEL, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and LiFePO4 batteries; 2/3/4-stage charging with adjustable set points for all parameters.
  • Wire the PV modules in series up to 112VDC normal (140VDC Max) for SC-50 Series, SC-80 Series and 192VDC normal (240VDC Ma x) for SC-80X Series, SC-160X Series.
  • Easy stacking of up to 16 units in parallel for high currents.
  • Precision charging of 12V/ 24V/36V/48V batteries with easy set-up and using battery voltage sense (BVS) wires.
  • Built-in temperature compensation function for safe and complete charging.
  • The optional rectifier with braking unit for wind system is required to control and stop the controller from overload condition caused by over large wind speed.